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Official English Proficiency & TOEFL Exam Prep Classes Begin at HAESE Academy in Las Terrenas

Today, in partnership with the NESTS (Native English Speaking Teaching System) Institute and Juan Mejiar, students at the HAESE Academy have officially embarked on their formal journey of passing the TOEFL exam. Starting a 5-module English course spanning the next 15 months.

Upon completion of this course, and subsequent passage of the TOEFL exam, our student-athlete will seek entrance into a U.S. university and be on their way to higher learning, and new opportunities.

We are excited and grateful for the opportunity to partner with such a well-respected teacher within the professional athlete community here in the Dominican Republic.

Thanks to his willingness to give back and support the cause, the HAESE Academy will be providing our student-athletes with 12 hours of professional classes for only $22 per month.

If you are interested in sponsoring one of our student-athletes as they take on the TOEFL exam, please click here:


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