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The Haese Academy, formerly operating out of the Haese family home and public facilities, purchased a new forever home in August 2020 that has become a multi-purpose campus benefiting the greater Las Terrenas community. The house and grounds serve as a  baseball academy and community center, providing free education, athletic training, employment, and job training opportunities. The campus includes athletic facilities (baseball field, batting cage, basketball court and fitness center), a computer lab, dining hall, library, and numerous open-air outdoor classrooms.


Our community center, formerly a bilingual primary school, opened its doors in September 2020 and is dedicated to educating the children of the Las Terrenas community, primarily the local families unable to afford the quality private education currently offered to expatriates. As a supplement to the local public schools, we focus on literacy development through the exploration of the arts. Using a United States Common-Core / Dominican Educational Standards play-based learning approach, our students supplement their local education with access to high quality  materials and teachers.


Having worked both in the local international school and internationally, our teachers are some of the best in town and have the experience necessary to reach all learners and push them to compete academically on a world stage. Through the arts and true play-based learning, our students learn to think freely and critically while understanding the significance and importance of their surroundings.






















In addition, the Haese Academy campus includes some of the finest recreational facilities in town. With a full playground, basketball court, athletic tunnel and swimming pool at their disposal, students enrolled in the community center play different sports while learning the importance of teamwork and communication. In addition, once a week, swim classes are offered to ensure that all children know how to swim and understand the importance of respecting the water.


Community-based programming of this kind is new to Las Terrenas. With continued support from Haese Academy donors, we will create life-changing opportunities for countless people in the greater Las Terrenas community.

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