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Funding A Sustainable Non-Profit

Our goal at the Haese Academy is to positively impact lives through education, nutrition, athletics, mentorship, and community service.

The generous support of Haese Academy donors provides the essential funding for our programs, operations and future goals. 


2023 Sponsorship Opportunities

The Haese Academy, formerly operating out of the Haese family home and public facilities, purchased a  property in 2020 that has become a multi-purpose campus, benefiting our students & the greater Las Terrenas community. The house and grounds serve as a baseball academy and community center providing free education, athletic training, employment and job training opportunities.


Now up and running, the Haese Academy is seeking sponsors that will take our programs to the next level and help all of our students grow and thrive. Sponsorship opportunities include the following:

Literacy Development
Education & Community Center

Teacher: $9,000 ($750/month)

Pays for the salary and living expenses of a Haese Academy teacher for one calendar year.

Sponsor a Child's Education: $480 ($40/month)

Pays for a child to attend our literacy development program year round.

Sponsor the Library: $1,200 ($100/month)

Pays for ten (10) new appropriately leveled library books to be delivered from Amazon to the DR each month.

Sponsor Reading Program(s): $150

Pays for a membership to BrainPop or Reading A-Z for all students for one year.

Book of the Month Club: $120 ($10/month)

Pays for one (1) new appropriately leveled library book to be delivered from Amazon to the DR each month.


Sponsor Haese Academy English Program: $5,280 ($440/month)

Pays for formal English training program and TOEFL preparation for all students, athletes, and/or staff five (5) days per week for one year


Sponsor a College Scholarship - Dominican Republic: $2,100 ($175/month)

Pays for tuition and living stipend for one student to attend UAPA, a local private college in our neighboring city.

Sponsor a Child's After School Baseball Program: $360 ($30/month)

Pays for one child/teenage to attend Haese Academy's after school program for one year in which they have access to teachers and coaches while utilizing the campus to work on homework, read in the library, or play sports with friends. A Dominican YMCA if you will!

Athletic Training 

Sponsor Baseballs for Program: $400 ($100/quarter)

Believe it or not, good baseballs are hard to come by in the DR. $100 pays for two dozen new baseballs delivered to our campus quarterly..

Sponsor Baseball Gloves for Program: $300 ($25/month)

Ensures that every kid in Haese Academy's after school program has a baseball glove to use.

Sponsor Haese Academy Little League Uniforms: $300

Pays for a hat, jersey, pants, belt and socks for all kids in the afternoon baseball program

Sponsor Clean Potable Water for Campus: $600 ($50/month)

Water out of the faucet in the DR is not potable and a major reason it is not consumed in sufficient quantities. For $50, you can ensure that all students, athletes, and staff have access to clean water whenever desired/needed for one month.

Sponsor a Child's Breakfast: $420 ($35/month)

Ensures that one student or athlete will eat a healthy, balanced breakfast complete with eggs, toast, fruit and juice each day.

Sponsor Nutritional Supplements for Students/Athletes: $240 ($20/month)

Help offset nutritional deficiencies with a monthly supply of protein shakes and supplements for one person.

Baseball Team.jpg


All of our students are not able to afford essential school supplies.

To give our students the best chance to achieve their academic goals, Haese Academy fundraises to provide all necessary academic materials:

  • Reading Programs

  • Library Books

  • Textbooks

  • Notebooks

  • Personal Computers / Tablets

  • Haese Academy Classroom Uniforms

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In the Dominican Republic, it is common for players and coaches of all ages and skill levels to share the limited amount of quality equipment they can afford.


Through the generous support of Haese Academy donors, we can level the playing field by providing quality equipment to our student-athletes, giving them the best chance to reach their fullest potential:

  • Professional Gym Equipment

  • Running Shoes 

  • Training Shorts & Pants 

  • Training Shirts & Uniforms

  • Training Equipment

  • Team Training Tools


Haese Academy provides our student-athletes with year-round access to experienced, professional, bilingual teachers and coaches. As dedicated role models, they continue to positively impact the lives of our student-athletes and alumni.

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A staggering number of families in the Dominican Republic face stark poverty, surviving on little more than a dollar a day. The hardworking young girls and boys learning at school and training at the baseball field in Las Terrenas often do so with little or no food in their stomachs. 

Haese Academy's most important mission is to ensure proper nutrition every day, consistently fueling our student's minds and bodies. In addition, we provide MLB and NCAA approved supplements, and teach our students the fundamentals of health and nutrition.


Our  goal is to provide consistent meal plans to the children in our primary school, and the student-athletes in our college prepatory program.

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