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Founded in 2016, the Haese Academy baseball program has always coupled sport with education. While operating at the local field and training a dozen teenagers seeking professional contracts, we provided everything these young ball players needed to sign with only one stipulation; that they each enroll in a program and work toward the completion of their GED. Our baseball program took great leaps forward with the purchase of our forever home in 2020. Thanks to the wonderful support of our Haese Academy Family, top shelf facilities were built that enabled us to continue our mission of coupling sport and education. With funds secured, facilities were built to include a full athletic tunnel consisting of a batting cage and pitching mound, a comprehensive fitness center, swimming pool, outdoor classrooms, computer lab and library. The goal: to develop student-athletes that have the ability to sign professional contracts or choose to continue their studies and play baseball in college in the United States. In just a short time, we have seen two players sign with Major League teams, one receive a college scholarship to Kansas Christian College, and two others accept full-time employment offers working at the Haese Academy!

With our older student-athletes having "graduated," in 2022 our focus shifted to the development of a youth program that picks up where our initial class left off. Thanks to an amazing partnership with our incredibly generous neighbors, our campus now includes our very own baseball field! With former players as trainers and former students as players, the baseball program quickly expanded and includes youth from all parts of town. We practice each day and have created a local circuit of games in which our teams play at least once a week. 

In addition to training hard on the field each day, before practice our student-athletes are required to spend an hour utilizing our library and computer lab to further their studies. During the summer months, our student-athletes spend their time reading, both in English and Spanish, and learning on one of our many educational programs online. During school months, each player is required to complete their home work and further expand their minds prior to setting foot on the field. All student-athletes are required to be enrolled in the local public schools and attend class in order to be eligible to practice.

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