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Kansas City Royals Dominican Academy Hosts Youngsters from Las Terrenas, Samana

Today our youngsters had the privilege of attending the Kansas City Royals Dominican Baseball Academy to experience a day in the life of a professional athlete.

Our young student-athletes' day consisted of the following:

1. Breakfast 2. English Class 3. Stretching & Lifting 4. Position Fielding Practice 5. Batting Practice 6. Lunch with the Pros

It was a special day and a spectacular way for our boys to see there is more to being a pro than just playing the game.

Many thanks to Jeff Diskin, for the invitation, and to the entire Kansas City Royals Dominican family (players, coaches, trainers, and teachers) for the opportunity to learn from the best.

Truly a first class organization and we are honored and grateful to have had such an opportunity!


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