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HAESE Academy Provides COVID-19 Relief! 2 Weeks of Food for 76 At-Risk / Out of Work Local Families!

Great news, in challenging times!

Generous donations to the HAESE Academy have allowed us to provide much needed COVID-19 Relief for hundreds of people in our Las Terrenas (Dominican Republic) baseball and education community!

We are in awe of our HAESE coaches and alumni, who worked tirelessly on Monday to provide 2-weeks of food for 76 at-risk / out of work families!!

Our incredibly passionate and determined HAESE Academy family (coaches, staff, alumni, and friends) accomplished something special on Monday...and beat the clock!

All before the Dominican Republic government enforced NATIONAL CURFEW at 5:00pm (as of April 1st, 19,517 people have been arrested for not complying), the HAESE Academy was able to purchase, organize, package and hand-deliver everything below to surprised and grateful local children and their families:

225 pounds of Meat 2,280 Eggs 1,520 pounds of Rice 152 packages of Beans 760 pounds of Pasta 152 gallons of Milk 38 gallons of Cooking Oil ...and a little something extra: 100+ bags of assorted Chocolates :)

Thank you! ...from so many in need, to those who have contributed, and to those who will (in any form)

Please DONATE NOW if you're able to help us support these incredible kids and their families.

Less than $25 feeds a large family for 2+ weeks.

Background / The Dominican Republic COVID-19 Experience:

With a town quarantined and businesses shuttered, fear has permeated the air in Las Terrenas for the last week. Quarantined at home and without the ability to earn money, members of the community near and dear to the HAESE Academy have been left without options. No savings and no ability to earn a days pay meant no groceries. Families are left with whatever they have and have hunkered down not knowing when they will be able to have their next meal. 

Thanks to the support of many, the last 36 hours saw the the HAESE Academy team come together in a big way and provide a glimmer of hope to many in a dire time. 

We are beyond proud of the work of our guys in Las Terrenas and humbled by the generosity of our donors. Thanks to both, we were able to quickly mobilize and provide support and food to hundreds of people over the next two weeks.

With an economy based primarily on tourism and hospitality, the reality of COVID-19 in the DR means that our town is quite possibly entering lockdown. Grocery stores are fully stocked but a vast majority don't have money to spend. And while people are obviously fearful, no one is panicking. Instead, they are coming together to support one another. We are currently doing everything we can to help as much as possible.

With boots on the ground and help coming from afar, we have pledged to continue to monitor the situation and support those who need it most. If you are interested in joining us, we would be grateful for your tax deductible donation. Every little bit helps as small donation can go a long way. All gifts can easily be made through our website at


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