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Haese Academy Headlines: Volume 2 Issue 1

This week marked the one-year anniversary of the launch of our new, expanded program. It has been one incredible year, to say the least, and today we are beyond excited to share with you what we feel is our best newsletter yet! We continue to see tremendous growth in all areas of our academy and the hard work and dedication of many is coming to fruition. You can read all about it in our newest edition of the Haese Academy Headlines, attached for your viewing pleasure!

This issue contains the following headlines:

  • Primary School Nearly Doubles Enrollment, Commences Year 2

  • Jose Ballista Receives Athletic Scholarship to Kansas Christian College

  • Haese Academy Finishes 2021 Service Project, Builds Forever home for Local Family in Need

  • Incredible Act of Selfless Teenager Provides Haese Academy with Much to be Grateful For

  • Prospect Watch: Year-End Report on Yolevin Silven (White Sox)

  • Sponsorship Spotlight: Meet Alennys Scarlett Estevez, Age 6

It is not lost on us how fortunate we are to be able to do what we love. None of this would be possible without you and, for that, we are forever grateful. We hope that you will keep us in mind as you think about making your year-end tax-deductible charitable donations. Please know that, together, we are truly making a difference!

Haese Academy Headlines - V 2 Issue 1 Final
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