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The HAESE Academy is currently fundraising to purchase a property that will become a multi-purpose campus for the Las Terrenas community. The house and grounds will serve as a primary school, baseball academy, and community center. Providing free education, athletics, employment, and job training opportunities.

HAESE Primary School will provide local at-risk children with an international private school level education. HAESE educators, veterans of the local Las Terrenas international school, will teach the children in English and Spanish through play-based learning.

HAESE student-athletes will be provided with year-round room and board. A dormitory, classrooms, computer lab, fitness center, batting cages, bullpens, 24/7 security station, and three meals per day in the dining hall.

The dormitory and consistent meals (alone) will provide a dramatic lifestyle change for our young men. The vast majority of whom currently share beds in family-constructed dirt floor homes, and struggle to eat consistently.

HAESE Academy classrooms will also be use to provide Las Terrenas local adults with free English proficiency courses, skill-development workshops, guest speaker lectures, and employment opportunities.


HAESE Academy strives to develop leaders who become catalysts for positive growth in their current and future communities. For this reason, in addition to our 5-Tool Program, HAESE student-athletes are actively involved in local community service projects.

While touching lives, giving their time and energy to the community has been immensely valuable for our young men. These meaningful experiences provide natural on-the-spot feedback that make our student-athletes more aware of their blessings, and of their shortcomings as well, giving them clear, individual goals as they move forward in their development.


Lower cost of living in the Dominican Republic means that even small monetary contributions make an immediate impact.

If you'd like to donate baseball equipment, school supplies, clothing, shoes, etc…HAESE Academy has partnered with local agents that are able to retrieve packages from the United States. For more information, or to coordinate shipping & pick-up, please contact us.


-Derek & Susan Haese

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