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The HAESE Academy has developed a new "5-Tool Program" that will empower student-athletes with the skills to break the cycle of poverty. With the launch of our new program we will provide the opportunity to earn U.S. college scholarships, gain employment, and lead healthy lives, all while preparing our student-athletes to be successful at the highest level of professional baseball. 


Working from the ground up, we will provide access to quality primary education, college preparatory education, consistent nutrition, and life mentorship & management. Our alumni will have the tools necessary to succeed, whenever their baseball careers come to an end.



Bilingual, Play-Based Learning



with English as a Second Language Tutoring



3 Meals per Day

Year Round



Baseball Skills and Strength & Conditioning



For Student Athletes & Alumni

Our humble beginning has already created a powerful impact. Thanks to the generosity and support from our donors, and the dedicated hard work of our academy’s teachers, coaches and student-athletes, HAESE alumni have signed professional baseball contracts, won Minor League Rookie-of-the-Year honors, earned a US college scholarship & First Team All-Conference awards, and are proving to be influential role models and mentors for underserved Dominican Youth.



HAESE Academy’s new campus will include a bilingual primary school (K-8) dedicated to educating underprivileged children of the Las Terrenas community. Our program will offer a high-quality alternative to the existing public school system and unattainable private school options, which are typically only available to wealthy Dominican families and foreigners.


Through our common-core and play-based learning approach, our students will learn to think freely and critically while understanding their significance and the importance of their surroundings.

Our accomplished educators have already been recruited and have the experience necessary to reach learners on all levels, allowing our students to compete academically on a world stage.



HAESE Academy mentors ​are devoted​ to empowering the Las Terrenas community in the Dominican Republic​. Accomplished​ in their respective fields. Experienced teachers. College players, college coaches and professional athletes. ​But above all--dedicated role models who continue to impact the lives of our student-athletes and alumni​.


Our doors are always open to athletes, coaches, and educators who feel the call to get involved.


To be eligible for consideration and admission into HAESE Academy’s college preparatory education program, prospective student-athletes must first be enrolled in a local high school or GED equivalent program. Once accepted, our student-athletes will receive tutoring for their high school courses, English proficiency instruction, and preparation for U.S. college entrance examinations.  

Our program will supplement our student-athletes' high school education with strategic guidance to further their educational careers, and build a successful, well-rounded future. Our goal is to bring our students to a level where they will qualify for as many U.S. collegiate opportunities as possible, while preparing them for academic and professional success at that level and beyond. 


Consistent attendance and effort will be a requirement to maintain the privilege of training with our elite baseball coaching staff.


A staggering number of families in the Dominican Republic face stark poverty, surviving on little more than a dollar a day.


The hardworking young men and boys training at the baseball field in Las Terrenas, practice 6 days a week, sunrise to sunset, often with little or no food in their stomachs.


HAESE Academy's most important mission is to provide three meals a day, consistently fueling our student-athlete's minds and bodies. In addition, we will provide MLB and NCAA approved supplements, and teach our student-athletes the fundamentals of health and nutrition.


HAESE Academy student-athletes are physically talented, highly motivated players whose consistent attendance and effort in the classroom earns them the privilege of training with our elite baseball coaching staff.
Our coaches, from the Dominican Republic and the United States, are former college players, college coaches, national team members, professional athletes, and pro scouts. HAESE coaches work together, evaluating our student-athletes and creating individualized training programs that prepare our aspiring pro athletes for success at all levels of baseball.  

HAESE Academy’s training programs will incorporate baseball skills, strength & conditioning, professional game strategy, and sports psychology, focusing on mental resilience. In addition, our student-athletes will be guided through teamwork and leadership exercises, revealing the challenges and rewards of working together as a group. 

HAESE Academy student-athletes will be prepared, physically and mentally, for college and professional baseball in the United States.


HAESE Academy mentors (comprised of our staff, administration, and alumni) are devoted to empowering our student-athletes with the skills needed to succeed in life and on the baseball field.


Accomplished in their respective fields of education and baseball, our dedicated role models from the Dominican Republic and the United States are heavily involved in our students’ lives, and are a vital support group, helping them navigate unfamiliar challenges in their academic, baseball, and personal lives.


HAESE Academy develops leaders who become catalysts for positive growth in their communities. For this reason, in addition to our new 5-Tool Program, HAESE student-athletes will be actively involved in local community service projects.

While touching lives, giving their time and energy to the community has already been immensely valuable for our young men. These meaningful experiences have provided natural, on-the-spot feedback, making our students more aware of their blessings and shortcomings, giving them clear, personal goals. This will continue with the launch of our new expanded program.


HAESE Academy has strong international relationships in the baseball world. We are currently organizing cross-cultural events for foreign high school, travel ball, college, and national baseball teams. Visiting teams will train with and play against HAESE student-athletes, as well as participate in community service projects and team-building activities together.

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