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Helping Achieve Excellence in Sport and Education

Haese Academy Incorporated, Inc., a grassroots 501(c)3 nonprofit, lifts Dominican youth out of poverty through education and athletic training. Our mission is to break the cycle of extreme poverty in the town of Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic by fostering children’s love of and interest in learning while keeping them enrolled in a program that puts them on a path towards bilingualism, athleticism, and the dream of higher education. Working from the ground up, the Haese Academy functions as a baseball academy and community center offering tutoring, athletic training, healthy nutrition, exam prep, and formal literacy development education. 

The Haese Academy, formerly operating out of the Haese family home and public facilities, purchased a new forever home in August 2020 that has become a multi-purpose campus, benefiting our students & the greater Las Terrenas community. The house and grounds serve as a community center open to the town providing free or extremely low cost education, athletic training, employment, and job training opportunities. The campus includes a baseball field, basketball court, batting cage, computer lab, dining hall, fitness center, library, playground, and numerous open-air outdoor classrooms.


All in all, we are a dedicated family of teachers, coaches and mentors working together to stop the crippling cycle of poverty in the Dominican Republic.

A New Academy

 Guiding Principles

The foundation of something special that has already changed numerous life trajectories has been built and we have proven that our model works. We have now upped our game and expanded our reach to help lift an entire under-served community.


With the launch of our new program, we know that:​

  • With proper education and established strategic partnerships our students can utilize their abilities to earn scholarships and enroll in a collegiate university.

  • With proper training and access to world class equipment and materials we can develop students into their most competitive selves.

  • With proper nutrition we can feed the mind and body the nutrients it needs to allow individuals to thrive in the classroom and on the field.

  • All together, we can develop thought leaders who serve their communities and are viewed as role models for future generations.



The Haese Academy team is devoted to empowering the Las Terrenas community in the Dominican Republic. Accomplished in their respective fields, our dedicated role models are experienced teachers and former players who positively impact the lives of our student-athletes and alumni.

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